Sherlock Holmes

1. This tagline makes no sense.
2. This movie really made very little sense.
3. I still liked it.
4. I kind of wish they had actually made out, because how hot would that have been? Fingers crossed for the sequel.
[it is LONDON in the OLDEN TIMES]
Robert Downey Jr.: Oh, how wry I am! And also how observant!
Jude Law: Oh, how attractive I am! And also how sidekicky!
[they GAZE at each other whilst SOLVING CRIMES]
Rachel McAdams: Ha ha! I shall best you at your own game, Holmes! The game being...trickery!
Robert Downey Jr.: Just a moment, love, we're having a homoerotic staring contest.
[he and Jude Law BASICALLY MAKE OUT with their EYES]
Mark Strong: Did you want to catch me? Or were you too busy eye-snogging and slow-motion punching?
RDJ: Yes, yes, all of that.
[he PUNCHES someone in SLOW MOTION]
Jude Law: Very good, Holmes.
[something EXPLODES]
Mark Strong: You win! But the setup for the sequel is there, so.
RDJ: Elementary.


Girl Genius said...

my only disappointment was that you did not use the phrase "a jolly fun romp" -- because that's precisely what I thought this movie was!

Trisha said...

Ooohh Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law making out. Yep, I'd probably watch that.