Mmm, Oscar Nominations

So they increased the number of Best Picture nominees this year for some reason, making my attempt to see all of them even more difficult than in past years! Here they are, anyway.

  • 'Avatar' - ugh. I mean, that's where we all are, right? Ugh, flying dragon bird things notwithstanding.
  • 'The Blind Side' - didn't see it, not planning on seeing it, could probably write a UCM anyway. Think about some of Sandy's other work in the meantime and marvel at her longevity.
  • 'District 9' - I saw this, really liked it, and must have dreamed that I wrote it up.
  • 'An Education' - the girl from this is very cute. And we do love the Saaaarsgaaaaaaaaard.
  • 'The Hurt Locker' - on my list of things to see. I LOVE that Bigelow also directed this gem.
  • 'Inglourious Basterds' - if we ever get our OnDemand fixed, I'll watch it.
  • 'Precious' - I guess I should see it. Fine. I GIVE IN. Mo'Nique has charmed me with her class and hairy legs.
  • 'A Serious Man' - I do like the Coens, but I haven't seen this one yet.
  • 'Up' - oh. So lovely.
  • 'Up in the Air' - another one I have seen but haven't yet written up. It is very different from this Clooney venture.

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