[it is CHICAGO]
Embeth Davidtz: Oh. A cute man across the gallery. Perhaps I will introduce myself to him, and then make out with him.
[she DOES, to the strains of the MOST ADORABLE SONG IN THE WORLD and then get MARRIED after like ONE SECOND]
Embeth Davidtz: Awesome. But now I have to go on a business trip to go see this outsider artist in North Carolina. It's near where your family lives. Maybe I could meet them, since I never have?
Alessandro Nivola: Um...okay. I don't know how they'll react to your big-city ways.
Embeth Davidtz: Let's go! I'm sure everything will be fine, and not ever tension-filled.
[she goes to visit the ARTIST, who is SUPER WEIRD but makes PRETTY COOL PAINTINGS]
Embeth Davidtz: I like all the dog heads...and computers...and scrotums.*
Artist: [says something WEIRD]
Embeth Davidtz: That's nice. I'll take very good care of you at my gallery. I really mean that. I think.
Amy Adams: Ohmygodohmygodohmygoddddd they're heeeeeeeere!! I'm so excited to meet my new sister-in-law!!!
[she WADDLES over to them, as she is LARGELY PREGNANT]
Mom: Hi.
Dad: Hi.
Ryan from The OC: [silence]
Alessandro Nivola: So...good times, right?
[they all look KIND OF MISERABLE, except Amy Adams, who is ADORABLE]
Embeth Davidtz: A church dinner? How quaint. Am I enjoying this? I'm not sure.
[her husband SINGS a HYMN and it is actually QUITE NICE]
Embeth Davidtz: Oh - he sings. What? How did I not know this? I have a feeling I'm going to find out a few more things I never knew about him. What I do know, though, is that we like to bone.
[they PROVE this by BONING]
Ryan from The OC: Thanks for offering to help me with my Huckleberry Finn paper for my GED program. Now I will awkwardly hit on you.
Embeth Davidtz: Oh, uh - all that affection I showed you? That's just my city way. I don't want to do you.
Amy Adams: Let me do your nails! Let me know everything about you!! Waaaaa! Oh wait, I'm in labor! Waaaaaaaaaa!!
Mom: Okay, we're off to the hospital. Wife of my son: you stay here.
[they DRIVE OFF and leave her STANDING in the DRIVEWAY alone and it is VERY METAPHORICAL]
Artist: I ain't sure I wanna sign with y'all in Chicago. I wanna show in New York.
Embeth Davidtz: No! My livelihood! He must sign with us! I must go to him, now!
Alessandro Nivola: But my sister-in-law's in labor.
[she is TORN between FAMILY VALUES and WORK, but she picks WORK because she is a CITY FOLK]
Alessandro Nivola: The baby died.
Embeth Davidtz: Oh. I wish I could be there.
Alessandro Nivola: You could have been.*
Amy Adams: It's okay. I'm still obsessed with you. And babies. And my small life here in the country.
Embeth Davidtz: We gotta get outta here.
[they drive back to CHICAGO and resume their CITY LIFE]

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