Funny People

I think this UCM makes this movie sound worse than it is. It's actually pretty funny, and I thought the casting was great. It's a little long, yes, and it has the whole Apatovian man-boy thing happening, but it's pretty solid.
[it is LA in the 80s]
Adam Sandler: Look at me! I'm young! And kind of funny when I make prank phone calls to AmEx! This is actual footage of me when I'm young! But now I am old, and live in a sumptuous house with no love in my life.
[he MOPES ABOUT, though he is RICH]
Seth Rogen: I want to be a stand-up comedian.
RZA: As your black friend from work, I must say: you crazy. You ain't funny.
Jason Schwartzmann: Look, just because I'm more successful than you doesn't mean you should be sad. But I will fuck that girl you like in 10 days if you don't.
Seth Rogen: But! I! I mean, I know I lost a bunch of weight recently, but I'm still not as cute as you. I don't look like Jackson Browne.*
Jonah Hill: I am also your roommate, and funny.
[meanwhile, in a MEDICAL FACILITY]
Adam Sandler's Doctor: So, you have cancer. You should probably tell your friends.
Adam Sandler: I have none. My life is so empty.
[he goes to a SMALL CLUB and does some STAND-UP but it's SUPER DEPRESSING and ALIENATING]
Seth Rogen: So...that was depressing, right?
[Adam Sandler tries to RUN HIM OVER]
Adam Sandler: Dude, I'm sorry I tried to run you over. Why don't you and your friend, the fat version of you, write some jokes for me?
Seth Rogen: Well, I'll write jokes for you, but I'm not going to tell my friend that you even requested his services. I'm sure that won't come back to bite me in the ass.
Adam Sandler: Sounds like a plan. Let's go tell jokes at a MySpace company meeting.
[they DO, to the strains of JAMES TAYLOR, who is ACTUALLY PLAYING, because MySpace is TOTALLY RELEVANT]
Seth Rogen: Do you ever get tired of playing the same songs?*
James Taylor: Do you ever get tired of talking about your dick?*
Seth Rogen: No. Here's another dick joke.
Adam Sandler: Be my friend! I have cancer!
Seth Rogen: Uh, okay?
Adam Sandler: Also, help me sort out my issues with the woman I cheated on long ago.
Seth Rogen: Uh...okay?
Leslie Mann: That's me. Now I love you again because you have cancer or something.
Adam Sandler: Cool. But I'm in remission.
Leslie Mann: Oh. I still love you again. I guess.
[they RECONNECT, kind of, but then he is a DICK again]
Eric Bana: Are you hitting on my wife, cancer guy?
Adam Sandler: She loves me, not you!!
[they FIGHT in the FRONT YARD]
Leslie Mann: I am going to divorce him. I'll tell him at the airport.
Seth Rogen: I must stop her, because of my loyalty to my boss/friend/mentor-type person.
[he SPEEDS to the AIRPORT, but they already MADE UP]
Adam Sandler: Stop messing in my business!
Jonah Hill: You betrayed me!
Jason Schwartzmann: I fucked that girl you like!
That Girl He Likes: But I still like you anyway, Skinny Seth Rogen. Let's kiss on a promontory.
Seth Rogen: Gah! This is too much! I'm going back to work at the grocery store with my black friend.
Adam Sandler: Sorry I was a dick before. Let's write jokes together.
[they form a MAN-LOVE that will LAST throughout ETERNITY]

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raych said...

I extra-ditto all of this. FP was surprisingly good (three cheers for low expecations), even if it WAS one movie about Sandler getting sick and then getting better, and then a WHOLE DIFFERENT MOVIE about him getting Her Royal Thinness back (or not).

Also, *dies laughing, as usual*