Sight Unseen: The Unborn

You guys: WHAT is going on with this chick's ass in this poster? I mean really. Those shadows are confusing me.
[it is AMERICA]
Cloverfield Girl: I keep having nightmares! And scary things keep happening! Scary things that make me scream in a vaguely sexual way, which is the draw of many horror films.
Gary Oldman: Oh. You have two different color eyes. Are you a twin?
Cloverfield Girl: No.
Her Mom: Oh, yeah, you were. I meant to tell you - you had a brother who died in utero. My bad!
[some more SCARY SHIT happens]
Cloverfield Girl: Oh! So maybe my dead twin brother is haunting me. That makes sense.
Gary Oldman: He's getting stronger and stronger. You are going to have to battle him - IN THE AFTERLIFE. [she DIES and looks HOT]
Cloverfield Girl: I won!
Something Scary: ...or did you? SEQUEL!!

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Steph said...

true story - the ass was the first thing i looked at here, and then i saw your comment and i was like, "this is why we get along."