Sight Unseen: Hotel for Dogs

[it is AMERICA]
Emma Roberts: Julia Roberts is my aunt.
Some Kid: Yeah, that's great...it doesn't mean you're talented. It might actually mean you're less talented than average.
Emma Roberts: Still. Julia Roberts. Big movie star. My aunt. Watch me act right now! I'm going to act like an orphan! "Oh man, I'm an orphan, having no parents sucks." See that? That was acting.
Don Cheadle: Great, kid. But can you explain why I'm in this movie?
Lisa Kudrow: Or me?
Kevin Dillon: This is a step down even for me, and I'm on Entourage.
[the kids put a bunch of STRAY DOGS in a HOTEL and encounter OBSTACLES and SHENANIGANS]
Emma Roberts: We're plucky, though! And related to Julia Roberts. Well, I am, anyway.
Dr. Doolittle's Daughter: WE KNOW.
[there is a HAPPY ENDING]

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BeckEye said...

I so totally want to see this movie. I will see any movie with dogs in it. I'm just a sucker that way.