Some Minor Housekeeping

Hi readers,

Before we return to our regularly scheduled programming of bringing you what I hope are hilarious and accurate movie condensations, a few points:

- I discovered that blogger has made it really, really easy for me to display blogs I read in my sidebar. So I did that. They're over there, so you should look at them.

- My friend Laurie at Your Ill-Fitting Overcoat is running a contest for which the prize is one of my fine crafted items. Also, her blog is full of fantastic writing and tales of derring-do, so you should just be reading it in general, really.

- I also added a button over there so you can contribute to my movie-watching fund. I know, I know, I can find all the Oscar screeners online, but that takes so much typing, you guys. Also my house does not have that fake butter topping that tastes like coconut because it's made from coconut oil, so there's another point in support of going to the cinema. But even with my new "always sneak into a second movie" policy, it's still mad expensive, so if you have a couple of dollars lying around, toss 'em in. If you don't, no bigs.

Love and Kisses,