The Breakfast Club

I apparently started this post on July 31 and was thwarted, because like The Princess Bride, this movie is one with a place in my heart. So you're getting another short one.
[it is CHICAGO in the 80s]
Molly Ringwald: Waaaaaaaaa! Why do I have to do detention! I'm perfect!
Anthony Michael Hall: I'm nerdy, but I also have detention!
Emilio Estevez: I am a jock, but I, too, have done something to deserve detention.
Judd Nelson: Fuck. You. All.
Ally Sheedy: [eats a PIXIE STIX sandwich]
[they learn about EACH OTHER and get STONED]
Everyone: We have broken the strict code of high school cliques. Suck on that.


Fredicvs Maximvs said...

I was a little afraid when I saw the title in my RSS feed - The Breakfast Club is a cherished memory of my teen years. But you have indeed done it justice. ;)

Movie Maven said...

[sigh of relief]

Lauren Oostveen said...

So good... Ally Sheedy WOULD eat such a sandwich.