Yet Another Theme Week

You guys. I was really sick last week, and I was like OH GOD I'M DYING I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO BREATHE NORMALLY AGAIN GAHHHH. It was tragic. I was rolling around feverishly like someone with malaria/cholera/sleeping sickness/other disease that characters in Victorian novels get.
But then: a light at the end of the congested tunnel.
I could use this time to watch ONE MILLION LIFETIME MOVIES.
Okay, it was like six.
So next week we'll have an all-made-for-tv BONANZA. Bear in mind that I was in a semi-lucid state at the time, so these may have melded together in my mind. I really don't think that will matter.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...


jeremy said...

i cain't waint.

PS: sexy domain

Ilana said...

Can you please, please, please find a way to include that Christmas one with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez? That was amazing. (No, I am not embarrassed to post that publicly.)