She Cried No

...or "Teen Sitcom Stars Talkin' Bout Acquaintance Rape."

This was discovered when I was cleaning out my computer (I ran out of disk space when my friend Jeremy gave me this). The movie's from several years ago, and I apparently watched it during some sort of Thanksgiving Lifetime movie marathon. Also, I couldn't really find a very good poster image, so enjoy this pic of Zack at the Max, before he started date-raping people from other shows.
DJ from Full House: He raped me!
Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell: No I didn't!
Six from Blossom: I was raped too!
DJ: Cool, someone found some photographic evidence! Now I'm not ashamed anymore.
[message on screen]: Colleges, don't let your female students get drunk and raped.


michael d said...

Mmmm, Bongoland.

Emily Sue said...

Ok, DJ was totally in a very similar made for tv movie with Fred Savage, too! I thought I was just remembering this one wrong so I looked it up, the Fred Savage one was called "No One Would Tell."
The poster is priceless:

Movie Maven said...

Oh my god, I think I might have seen that one too!!