Sight Unseen: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

[it is CHINA]
Chinese People: Oh no! A mummy! Call a mummy raider!
Brendan Fraser: Dude, you guys, I'm retired.
Fraser, Jr: But I'm not!
[many DADDY ISSUES arise in a spirit of father-son COMPETITION]
Maria Bello: Sorry, Rachel Weisz wasn't available. I'm almost as luminously beautiful as her, though. Right? RIGHT?!
Jet Li: Hi, I'm the Dragon Emperor, who may or may not have been a real guy. I'm not sure why I'm so corporal, but it does allow me to fight you, awesomely.
[they FIGHT and it is AWESOME]
Brendan Fraser: I got this one. Oh wait, now I am in a perilous situation.
Fraser Jr: I'll save you, Dad...and earn your respect.
Brendan Fraser: I'm sorry I doubted you, son.
[they HUG]


Rural Juror said...

How long ago was Mummy 2? No way that little kid grew up into that hot man already.

BeckEye said...

I think Maria Bello has been in exactly 2,342 movies in the past 2 years.

Mark said...

Jet Li must owe someone money. He keeps putting himself in terrible films. Next up: Kung Fu Care Bears starring Jet Li...