Sight Unseen: The House Bunny

Hugh Hefner: Get out. You are too old for me, an 81-year-old man.
Anna Faris: But I'm only 27! And super hot! What will I do? Where will I go?
[she ends up at a SORORITY HOUSE somehow]
Daughter from 40-Year-Old Virgin: Sup. We're a sorority, but - GET THIS - we're not slutty or bitchy.
That Superbad Girl: Yeah, and we're brunettes. SUCK ON THAT.
Katharine McPhee: I was on American Idol, and now I'm in a movie! I'm just like Jennifer Hudson! Oscar, here I come!
Anna Faris: You guys, you need to be hotter. And by that I mean stupider.
[she SLUTS them up and they WALK in SLOW MOTION with SHORT SKIRTS]
Anna Faris: Now boys will like you. Ooh, who's that?
That Superbad Girl: That's Tom Hanks' son. He's not exactly cute, or talented...but he's...uh...
Anna Faris: I like him! But he likes smart girls! You guys need to help me be smart!
[the TABLES turn and everyone LEARNS something about EACH OTHER and LIFE]


Kate said...

Dude, I was completely unaware of this movie's existance. Now, I really want to see it. Sad, but true.

Movie Maven said...

I...kind of do, too. Okay, I really do.

Steph said...

oh, i really want to see it, no shame involved.

but mostly i like how the house on that poster looks like some crazy haunted mansion set, and that anna faris is photoshopped to barbie dimensions. seriously, that waist? those shoes? she would not be able to stand.

BeckEye said...

This sounds awesome. Seriously. Like "Bring it On" with more hos mixed with "Clueless" with less virgins.