Sex and the City

I did, in fact, see this movie, and for a second, I thought I might have written it, so spot-on was my prediction of the ending. When you introduce a vintage wedding dress, a book of love letters, and a mention of City Hall at the beginning of the movie, come on - it's like the metaphorical gun that must be fired in Act Three. However, I did enjoy it.
[it is NEW YORK]
Charlotte: I have a baby and a great husband!
Samantha: I live in LA with my hot boyfriend!
Miranda: I live in Brooklyn and still sort of hate myself!
Carrie: My boyfriend made me the biggest, most wonderful closet ever! And we're getting married!
[the audience LITERALLY GASPS upon seeing SAID CLOSET]
Carrie & Co.: We're kind of old, but still wearing crazy-ass fashions and walking four abreast!
[a bunch of SHITTY things happen - in Charlotte's case, LITERALLY]
Jennifer Hudson: I am black, and optimistic.
[everything that you PREDICTED would happen in the first FIFTEEN MINUTES unfurls EXACTLY as you thought it would]
Carrie Bradshaw & Co.: Men are nice, but girlfriends are nicer. Let's eat brunch.
The Editors of Vogue: We hope you enjoyed this movie version of our magazine. Please buy more designer clothing.


Rural Juror said...

Sweet. Now I don't even have to see it.

Movie Maven said...

well, honestly: i could probably have written this without having seen it. the audible closet gasp was kind of worth seeing it in the theater, though.

Miss Em said...

I wasn't going to bother with this movie anyway, and now I'm convinced I don't have to. Thanks! Brilliantly funny.

Laura said...

I was going to write this, but I should have known that you would not only do it, but do it to perfection.

This movie was total porn.

Kate said...

I saw this movie in a theatre with only about 20 people in it last night, and we had an audible closet gasp, too. I did enjoy the movie, but it would have been nice if there was, like, *one* unexpected twist.

BeckEye said...

Ha ha...awesome review.

nat said...

So excited I am off to see this in 3.5 hours. Woot!!

Mark said...

my fav SATC movie fact was that they had to use special lighting to make the 4 ladies appear to be younger than they really are. i <3 hollywood.

Laura said...

Um, I LOVE that you tagged this as "whores."

Movie Maven said...


Mark said...

how about street hussies? I know you want to be vague enough to include other movies...but there's hussies or fashion tramps. any takers? anyone...no? ok