Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

[it is NEW JERSEY]
John Cho: I'm a milquetoast.
Kal Penn: I'm an unambitious stoner.
[they get STONED]
Both: Let's go to White Castle!
[they TRY to, but encounter many ZANY OBSTACLES]
Neil Patrick Harris: I love hookers and blow!
[he STEALS their CAR]
John Cho: Now how will we get burgers?
Neil Patrick Harris: I brought your car back. I'll buy your burgers.
Kal Penn: I have decided to go to med school as a result of our adventure.
John Cho: I have become more assertive as a result of our adventure.


Laura said...

Oooh, this is old-style UCM! Nicely played.

Movie Maven said...

I was mostly like "OMG, I cannot handle trying to remember all the crazy shit they did...oh, wait! I don't have to! Suckaaaaaas."

John A said...

The guy who played the bag of weed that Kumar marries in a dream sequence got his start playing Howard the Duck.

Incidentally, the sequel to this looks epic.