Walt Knows Best

I don't know about you guys, but this week's been pretty trying. I think we all need something a little more universally liked than The Cruise. I mean, even WE don't like him.

Next week will be better.


John A said...

I'd vote for David Lynch week, though I can't quite imagine what that would look like.

Movie Maven said...

Holy Christ, I'd need a minimum of a month to prepare for such a thing. And, like, some anti-anxiety medication. Or just lots of booze.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Does this mean that you're doing Disney next week? Because that could be awesome. If not, here are some other suggestions that I think fit your bill:

Dick Van Dyke
Hayley Mills
Audrey Hepburn
Beach Blanket Bingo
Julie Andrews
Woody Allen (not sure if UNIVERSALLY liked works)