Year in Review: The Prolific First Half vs. The Extremely Lazy Second Half of 2007

Stolen from Laurie: I post the first few lines of the first post of each month of 2007. Maybe you'll go read some old posts.

So I write these ultra-condensed movie synopses - they can't really be called "reviews," as I don't always pass any sort of judgement on the film.

Note: I only watched this because I was (mis)led to believe that the Europe song “The Final Countdown” was a part of the film. I’m sorry, but I love that song, due much in part to its use on “Arrested Development.”

I didn't see this movie. In fact, no one I know saw it. I'm sure it was good/emotional/culturally relevant. I might watch it eventually. So I cheated. I read a synopsis. And then I made a synopsis of the synopsis.

I read this book, and saw the movie, in high school and loved it. My teacher, Mrs. Hunter, who was the coolest ever, touted the knitting scene as "the hottest scene in a film, ever."

Coming-of-age movies are a dime a dozen, which usually means there's one really awesome one, and then a bunch of wannabe, posery ones.

[it is the 1960s]
Kelly: Give me my money, you bastard!!!
Pimp: I'm drunk! Please stop hitting me with your purse!

[it is AMERICA]
Astonishingly Hot Computer Chick: Have you completed the task we assigned you, minion...I mean...employee?

[it is NEW YORK]
Citizens: La, la, la...how lovely it is to live in this great city.
[something EXPLODES]

[it is a TV-OBSESSED culture]
Announcer Voice: Check it out! We bought a baby! And made a TV show about it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

[it is the FUTURE or something]

lazy month. no posts.

[it is an ORPHANAGE]
Orphanage Lady: Laura! Come inside! Since you're the only "normal" child who lives here, you've been adopted! Let the other, subpar children play together.

I'll try to be more diligent in 2008.

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