Sight Unseen: The Bucket List

Hell no, I didn't see this. Check out this posting to see more info on "sight unseen" posts.

[it is AMERICA]
Jack Nicholson: I am rich! This is my hospital! Everyone shares a room here, this ain't a spa.
Doctor: You have cancer. And you have to share a room with Morgan Freeman.
Jack Nicholson: Nooooooooo!!! The irony!!!!
Morgan Freeman: Wait...maybe we can see this as an opportunity rather than a shortcoming. Let's make a BUCKET LIST...a list of all the things we want to do before we...
Jack Nicholson: ...kick the bucket. Yeah, I get it.
[they do a BUNCH of SHIT that they would never do OTHERWISE unless they were DYING, like SKYDIVING and RACING CARS]
Morgan Freeman: Wasn't that fun? Couldn't you just listen to my velvet tones all day long?
Jack Nicholson: You know what? I could. I've learned something here about the value of friendship, not money. Is everyone sufficiently heartwarmed? Good.
[he DIES]
Sean Hayes: I am also in this movie. Just Jack!

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