The Truman Show

[it is a TV-OBSESSED culture]
Announcer Voice: Check it out! We bought a baby! And made a TV show about it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
Ed Harris: I am a fucking genius. This show is AMAZING. And it only cost eleventy bajillion dollars to build this entire biodome set thing.
Jim Carrey: Life is pretty sweet, I guess. Got me a wife, a house, a job, a car. I just feel like...maybe there's something more. But unfortunately I'm deathly afraid of water, so I can never leave my safe, safe home.
Ed Harris: That's right, my pretty. I shall view you from the safety of my Moon Room.
Laura Linney: Would you like some delicious products that I will present to you in an overly artificial manner?
Jim Carrey: You are acting strangely. Allow me to reminisce about happier times, when I met this crazy woman and then never saw her again.
[everyone is REMINDED about the SECURITY BREACHES into the BIODOME SET THING in the past]
Jim Carrey: I'm pretty sure that something weird is going on here.
His Best Friend: That's not true!! Have a beer!!! Look, your dad is back even though we thought he was dead!!! Distractions!!!!!
Jim Carrey: I was momentarily distracted, but not for long, suckers.
[he SNEAKS away even though he is being FILMED during EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY]
Paul Giamatti: Sorry.
Ed Harris: FIND HIM!!!!!!!
[everyone SEARCHES and SEARCHES but Jim Carrey is on a BOAT]
Ed Harris: My beautiful creation, it kills me to say so (though the ratings will be AMAZING), but...A STORM!!!!
Jim Carrey: I'm a real person! No storm can hold me down!!!
[he ESCAPES through a WALL and everyone's MIND is TOTALLY BLOWN]

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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I haven't seen this movie since it first came out but I remembered thinking it was so good. Is it still?