When Harry Met Sally

[it is the late 70s]
Billy Crystal: Want to ride to New York with me? I promise I won’t hit on you at all. Or maybe I will. You just won’t be able to tell, because I’m a man, and you’re a woman, and we can’t be friends.
Meg Ryan: Let’s go. But just be aware that of all neurotic women, I am, like, the most neurotic ever in life.
[FIVE YEARS LATER, in an airport]
Billy Crystal: Sup. Wanna hang out?
Meg Ryan: I thought you said we couldn’t be friends.
Billy Crystal: Oh, right.
[FIVE MORE YEARS LATER, in a bookstore]
Carrie Fisher: Who’s that man staring at you?
Meg Ryan: Some dude I’m not friends with.
Billy Crystal: Sup. Wanna hang out?
Meg Ryan: Okay.
[they KICK IT all the time but never DO IT]
Meg Ryan: My ex is getting married.
Billy Crystal: That sucks.
Meg Ryan: I’m not your friend anymore!
Billy Crystal: Women are crazy, but this one woman is the perfect kind of crazy for me. I love you.
Meg Ryan: I hate you. I mean I love you.
[they get MARRIED and have COCONUT CAKE with chocolate sauce ON THE SIDE]


humboldt honey said...

This is one of those "classics" that everyone always talks about and alludes to, and I never saw it so I couldn't be in the cool-people-who've-seen-that-harry-met-sally-movie club, but now I know what all the hype is about, thanks to YOU, Movie Maven.

Also, super duper long run-on sentence above. And not even a sentence at all in this paragraph. Neither of them. None of them.

I'm stopping, I'm stopping. I'm done.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

It's a good movie, Naomi, you should just rent it or borrow it from the library!

Movie Maven said...

dude, yeah, you should get it. i didn't do it justice at all.

humboldt honey said...

awwww, I thought I was ahead for once! But, no. I still have to see it. :-(

On an unrelated note, do you take requests? I just watched Benny and Joon... I think that'd be a great one for you to review...