Roll Bounce

This movie is AMAZING. It's like Breakin' for the next generation.

[it is the SEVENTIES in the SOUTH SIDE of Chicago]
Bow Wow: Oh no, our skating rink closed. What are we going to do?
Bow Wow's Posse: Let's go to the one in the suburbs. You better get some new skates, though, because those look like Harriet Tubman wore them on the Underground Railroad.*
Bow Wow: Don't dis my skates! My dead mom gave them to me. They're a metaphor.
Tertiary Garbagemen Character Actors: We are CRAZY! Don't mess with us.
Bow Wow: Um, okay.
[they go to the NORTH SIDE skating rink, where they are CHALLENGED by a rival POSSE]
Bow Wow: We need to win the skate-off to prove ourselves.
[they PRACTICE and have hilarious HIJINKS]
Bow Wow's Dad: Son, stop skating and spend your time doing something else.
Bow Wow: I HATE YOU!
Bow Wow's Dad: Here's some new skates. Now we can both move on from your mom's death.
[there is a SKATEOFF and it is AMAZING]
Bow Wow: I'm going to try this new jump, because if you don't know what it feels like to fall, you don't know what it feels like to get back up again.*
[he DOES, and FALLS but earns the RESPECT of the rival POSSE]
Everyone: Let's make out!
[they DO]

*actual (sort of paraphrased) quote from movie

Grade for movie: B+
Grade for skating moves: A
Grade for referencing Harriet Tubman in a dis: A+

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