Sight Unseen: Music and Lyrics

Most of the time, I condense movies I've already seen. However, there are some movies that I'm convinced I don't have to see to write a fairly accurate condensed version. This week, we'll be highlighting some of those outings, starting with the romantic comedy that I got stuck with with in my movie fantasy league.


Hugh Grant: I say, it's been a while, America. Ready for a bit of my, er, well, uh, handsome…man…romance…thing? Right, then.

[he is ESTABLISHED as an OKAY GUY who is a little AWKWARD, but CHARMING]

Drew Barrymore: Who the heck is Hugh Grant?

Kristen Johnson: I know!! I know!! Look! It's me!! Remember me?!?!? I'm funny!!!

[Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant MEET in a QUIRKY way]

Drew Barrymore: Write lyrics? Me? I can't write lyrics. But I did make you this flower garland from flowers I grew in my very own garden, fertilized with organic compost. Aren't I quirky and/or cute?

Hugh Grant: Of course you can write lyrics, you just…well, here. Here's some music. Now, then, well, write some lyrics.

[she SINGS, poorly]

Hugh Grant: Oh. Well. Maybe not, then?

[they have some ADVENTURES with some SECONDARY CHARACTERS that have BETTER-WRITTEN parts than them]

Hugh Grant: Let's wrap this up, shall we?

Drew Barrymore: What? Oh, right.

[they KISS]

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