Hope Floats

[it is AMERICA]

Sandra Bullock: I can't believe my husband cheated on me like that! I don't need no man!

[she DRAGS her DAUGHTER to TEXAS, where there are apparently NO MEN]

Gena Rowlands: So you're back home with me, huh? Well, best git to learnin' some lessons 'bout life, love and happiness. I hope y'all done brought yer hankies, 'cause it's gonna be a weepy ride.

Harry Connick, Jr.: Remember me, your old beau, and how totally foxy I am?

Sandra Bullock: I already told you!! I don't need no man!!

Harry Connick, Jr.: But…I'm so foxy.

[they KISS]

Sandra Bullock: Hey, you are, in fact, foxy.

Harry Connick, Jr.: Told ya.

[they live HAPPILY EVER AFTER, thus proving that WOMEN do, IN FACT, need MEN]


Emily Sue said...

The best thing about this movie is that Forest Whitaker DIRECTED it. WHY!?!? So confusing.

humboldt honey said...

The second best thing about it is that Harry Connick Jr IS foxy, and he just can't help it, OK? Plus he can sing.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I love movies that end with that moral directive.

Oh wait, I forgot, that's every movie ever.