Originally published April 2005, when I randomly requested this from Netflix. Oh, Netflix...how I miss thee.

John Cusack: Damn, Tim Robbins! We got fired from our security guard jobs and now we're going to make music videos.

Some Guy Who Never Appears in the Movie Again and Who is Never Really Introduced: Hah!
John Cusack: We're gonna make him eat that syllable...
[they make a series of CRAZY videos, including a commercial for ROSCOE'S CHICKEN; one for a German band, CUBE SQUARED, whose song is performed by DEVO; and an OLD MAN'S video will]
New Roommate Belinda: I got you guys a gig at Norman Mart's house! He's running for president!
[they go, and through a series of HILARIOUS MISHAPS, end up with an INCRIMINATING video of Norman Mart]
John Cusack: Hey, why don't we try and help the Swanky Modes, that 60's band we like, become popular again?
Tim Robbins: OK.
Evil Woman Who Wants to Bring Down Norman Mart: I've got to get that Norman Mart video!
[she and Belinda have a NINJA fight]
John Cusack and Tim Robbins: Hot.
[they somehow end up being responsible for a LIVE NATIONAL broadcast of SOME BAND, and sneakily put the NORMAN MART video on instead]
John Cusack and Tim Robbins: Sucka!!
Norman Mart: Nooooo!
Belinda and Evil Woman Who Wants to Bring Down Norman Mart: Hot.
[the SWANKY MODES perform on the NATIONAL broadcast and make an instant COMEBACK]

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