Guest Post: K-Pax

If there's anyone who knows movies, it's Rob Matsushita. Yeah, he totally knows more than me or you or anyone we know. So don't fuck with the master. That said, he watched K-Pax so you didn't have to. That's dedication.
Jeff Bridges: Hi. I am a doctor or something.
Kevin Spacey: Hi. I am an alien.
Jeff Bridges: ....'kay.
Audience: Oh, he's no alien!
[LATER in the movie...]
Jeff Bridges: How's everything going with that whole alien thing?
Kevin Spacey: I have lots of pogniant philosophies about your crazy planet. Plus, I've been helping you view life in a different way. At the end of the movie, I'll be going back to my home world.
Jeff Bridges: ...'kaaaaay.
Audience: Hey! Maybe he is an alien!
[In the last scenes...]
Jeff Bridges: Hey! Kevin Spacey is gone! Oh, no wait, his body is behind the bed. Never mind. I guess he wasn't an alien.
Other Character: Or maybe an alien took over his body.
Jeff Bridges: ....'kaaaay.
Audience: I guess he was an alien after all...or WAS he?

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