Classics Week: The Sound of Music

[it is AUSTRIA]

Julie Andrews: Oh, how I love being a nun! I’m going to sing about it.

[she DOES]

Mother Superior: You know…you’re not all that great a nun. Maybe you should, like, learn about the world or something. Go be a governess.

Julie Andrews: Governess? Now I’m a little nervous. Maybe I’ll sing about it.

[she DOES, and SWINGS her guitar JAUNTILY]

Christopher Plummer: I heart the military. Thus, I treat my children like troops. I wish someone would come into my life to change me into a nicer person.

Julie Andrews: I’m ready to govern! Or governess! Whatever the verb is!

[the CHILDREN test her PATIENCE, but in time, they GROW TO LOVE her]

Some of those middle children: We’re scared of the storm!

Julie Andrews: You are? Why don’t we sing about it?

[they DO]

Children: We’re not allowed to sing, because it reminds our father of our dead mother, and also makes him realize that the countess he’s dating is a total bitch.

Julie Andrews: Whaaaaaat? That’s ridiculous. Here – let’s sing a song…about singing!

[they DO, and are all AMAZING, though they have never been ALLOWED to sing, EVER]

Julie Andrews: Let’s do a puppet show! With singing!

[they DO, and their FATHER loves it]

Bitch Countess: Damn!

Christopher Plummer: Shoot, my kids can SING. Julie Andrews, I love you now. Let’s get married.*

[they DO, and form a FAMILY SINGING GROUP]

Nazis: We’re Nazis! Grrrrrrr!

Rolf: I’m a Nazi, too!

Oldest Sister: What? But…but…we sang! In the gazebo!

Julie Andrews: Apparently, singing doesn’t solve anything. Maybe the nuns will help us.

[they DO, and the family ESCAPES into the MOUNTAINS, singing ALL THE WHILE]

*I'm pretty sure I thought this was the end of the movie until I was, like, eleven.


Megan said...

I totally never ever realized this movie had nazis in it until I was, like, a teenager. And only then did I realize it because someone said something about the nazis in the movie and I was like, "WTF r u talking about omg lol?!?!?" And I had to go back and watch it to see what the hell they were referencing.

Ah... silly little children who don't see the nazis coming to kill women of god. How adorable.

humboldt honey said...

This made me laugh A WHOLE LOT. I think I'll sing about it.