Oscar Shorts: Kavi (India)

[it is INDIA]
Kavi: Shit, working as a slave in a brick-making slave colony, like, REALLY sucks. I wish I could play cricket with those rich kids.
Kavi's Dad and Mom: Sorry we're poor. Let's pretend we have a farm in this flower pot to escape our horrible life.
Boss of Brick-Making Slave Colony: Aren't you my fastest worker, Kavi? Can I bribe you with the promise of cricket?
Kavi: Okay!
[he moves like A MILLION bricks, though he is like a TINY CHILD]
Kavi: My hands! Ow!
Some Dudes Who Are Trying to Help the Slaves: Here, have some soda. We are nice.
Kavi: But I am afraid!
[the MEAN BOSS locks him with SHACKLES and HIDES the rest of the SLAVES]
Slave-Helping Guys: Show us where your slaves are!
Mean Boss: I have no slaves!
Kavi: I must remove my shackles!!!
[he PULLS the shackle off his HAND and it is AWFUL and BLOODY]
Me and My Mom: Why didn't he throw a cricket ball at them? Oh well.
Slave-Helping Guys: Come with us, we will free you, though you know no other world than this.
Kavi: Okay, but first I will walk on the wet bricks and fuck them up! Ha ha! A tiny amount of retribution!

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