Oscar Watch '09: Frost/Nixon

[it is the 1970s]
Many News Reports: Nixon! Watergate! He's resigning! Here is some history in case you aren't familiar with history!
Sam Rockwell: Is this a documentary? Not really, but I'm being interviewed like it is.
Oliver Platt: The thing with David Frost...he knew television.
The Women Behind Us: Oh! I always thought he was British.
David Frost: Do you hear my accent? It is clearly British, and not Australian.
Someone: Frost was a British television personality who had been shipped to Australia because his shows were not great.
The Women Behind Us: Oh, I guess he is British!
[David Frost STARES at the NEWS COVERAGE of Nixon and gets an IDEA]
David Frost: It's PERFECT. I have an idea, producer friend.
Non-Colin Firth Mr. Darcy: What is it? And is my hair grey? Or just really blonde?
David Frost: We'll interview Richard Nixon!! It'll make millions!
Truman Capote: Mr. President, we have an offer for you to do an interview with this British TV presenter. He's just a talk show host, so it'll be easy for you to win the interview.
Frank Langella: Awesome. Let's get some money out of them.
[David Frost and his producer FLY FIRST-CLASS to LA and Frost picks up a HOT GIRL on the flight]
David Frost: Why don't you come with me to meet Richard Nixon? I know I just met you, but you're flying first class, so you're probably not a crazy person.
Hot Girl: Okay. But first, please buy me a drink in the plane's full bar.**
David Frost: Will do! Now I have to go to every network and get shot down, because they don't pay for interviews. But I will triumph!!
[they go to Nixon's SWEET BEACH PAD]
Frank Langella: And this is where I hung out with Brezhnev. So, how's about that $200,000 you promised me?
[Frost writes a check from his OWN POCKET to pay the advance]
Frank Langella: Did he just pay me from his own pocket? And did you see his shoes?
Kevin Bacon: I think so, sir. And yes. They have no laces.
Frank Langella: I think a man's shoes ought to have laces.*
[meanwhile, at CAMP FROST]
Non-Firth Darcy: We're going to need some backup if we're going to do this interview right.
Oliver Platt: I'm a Nixon expert!
Sam Rockwell: Me too! Except I am more volatile.
Non-Firth Darcy: You're hired!!
[they do a lot of RESEARCH but Frost does more GALLIVANTING than RESEARCH]
Sam Rockwell: Should we be concerned about all this gallivanting? Oh well.
Kevin Bacon: As the former President's assistant or something, I am stoic, and concerned about how the President is perceived. Watergate can take up only 25% of the interviews. And by "Watergate," I mean "every negative thing he ever did."
David Frost: That's crazy! No way! IT'S ON.
Kevin Bacon: BRING IT.
[they have the FIRST TAPING and Nixon TOTALLY SLAUGHTERS Frost with his ORATORY SKILLS]
Sam Rockwell: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
[the next taping goes BETTER, but not GOOD]
Oliver Platt: Seriously?
David Frost: Well, just come to my birthday party. Hugh Hefner will be there. [to himself] You idiot! Get yourself together!!
[Nixon DRUNK-DIALS Frost and goes on a TIRADE about being LOWER-MIDDLE CLASS and how no one RESPECTS them and it is INTENSE]
David Frost: I'm gonna get him. Sam Rockwell, go do some additional research!
[they find some NEW INFORMATION that will ROCK the WORLD]
David Frost: Well, it's the last day of taping! I hope it will be as eventful as our phone call!
Frank Langella: What phone call?*
[Frost WINS the interview with the NEW INFORMATION]
Frank Langella: You have bested me. Now all I have left is to pet this dachshund in a sad old man manner.
David Frost: I bought you some of those shoes you liked.
[Nixon GAZES at the OCEAN for a while]


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