Earth Girls Are Easy

[it is THE VALLEY]
Geena Davis: OMG, like, a spaceship totally just landed in my pool!
Jeff Goldblum: [looks CONFUSED/covered in BLUE HAIR]
Geena Davis: Um...let's go to the salon.
[her friend SHAVES the aliens so they look like HOT DUDES]
Julie Brown:
Ohmigod, you're like, totally black!*
Damon Wayans: Ohmigod, you're like, totally black!*
Jim Carrey: [is WACKY]
Julie Brown: DANCE BREAK!!
[they do a MUSICAL NUMBER on the BEACH]
Geena Davis: So...now I've got all these hot aliens in my house, and my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. What now?
[they go to a DANCE CLUB that has CAGES and interact with people HILARIOUSLY]
Michael McKean: I'm here to clean your pool - WHAAAA?
[he is a STONER, so he does not believe his EYES when he sees the SPACESHIP in the pool]
Jeff Goldblum: Now that I can speak English, please allow me to romance you as only a hot alien can.
[they BONE in low, romantic lighting]
Geena Davis: Suck it, Earth! Let's go to your planet!
[they FLY OFF and live HAPPILY ever after]