While You Were Sleeping

I just remembered this movie for two reasons:
a) I just started watching The O.C. on SoapNet, and Peter Gallagher's wondrous eyebrows mesmerized me
b) I just heard a story about how this voiceover actor called Bill Pullman "Bull Pillman" on live TV.
[it is CHICAGO]
Sandra Bullock: Woe is me. I am mousy and lame, and no one likes me. I dream of one day snagging a man like that voluptuous-browed one over there.
Peter Gallagher: La la la, I am a businessman, and I love taking the train to work each morn - AAAAAAA!
[he FALLS onto the EL TRACKS but is RESCUED by Sandra Bullock but still goes into a COMA]
Sandra Bullock: I was going to marry him.
Crazy Family: You were?!?!?! Welcome!!!!
[they ASSUME she is his FIANCEE, though she is actually just sort of CREEPY/STALKERY]
Bill Pullman: She is adorably awkward. I love her. But NO! She belongs to my unconscious brother.
Sandra Bullock: Though his eyebrows are nowhere near the volume of his brother's, this man is my true love.
[they FIGHT their FEELINGS until, in the words of REO SPEEDWAGON, they THROW away the OARS, come CRASHING through a DOOR, because they can't FIGHT the FEELING...ANYMORE]
Old Man: If you love him, be with him. Our family will forgive your gross deception.
Sandra Bullock: Hooray!
[Bill Pullman gives her a RING instead of a SUBWAY TOKEN and they live HAPPILY EVER AFTER]


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Oh my god, I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I'm pretty sure that's because I haven't seen it since I was, like, 12 but nevertheless I LOVE THIS MOVIE. In fact, you've inspired me to rent it just to see whether or not I still LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Anonymous said...

Word cannot describe my love for this film. Back in the olden days, my mom even let me order it on Pay-Per-View, and then I taped it. I think I still have it. Plus, one of my little brother's high school classmates played the young Sandra Bullock. LOVE!


Anonymous said...

Another quick comment - the most unbelievable part of this lovely yet unrealistic story is that Peter Gallagher's successful businessman actually takes the CTA every day. Have you SEEN the CTA? HA!

- Laura

humboldt honey said...

I heart your versions so much.