The Invisible Circus

Jordana Brewster: I wonder why my sister went to Europe and killed herself. I'm gonna go.
Blythe Danner: Don't go.
[Jordana Brewster goes to PARIS, taking along her sister's POSTCARDS, which she throws into the SEINE while on ACID]
Jordana Brewster: Faith, where are you? And why is your name so metaphorical?
Cameron Diaz: I'm right here. Throw yourself through this plate glass window to get to me.
[she TRIES, but FAILS]
Christopher Eccleston: Wow, you're my dead girlfriend's little sister. You're kinda hot.
Jordana Brewster: Wanna come to the site of my sister's suicide with me?
Christopher Eccleston: Sure, and let's make out along the way.
[they go to SOME PORTUGUESE TOWN, even though in the book it was ITALY]
Jordana Brewster: Intense.
Christopher Eccleston: Your sister was involved with some terrorists. Sorry I didn't tell you before.
[there is a FLASHBACK]
Cameron Diaz: I want to help you, Red Army.
Guy from Run Lola Run Who Seems Ugly at First But Turns Out To Be Pretty Hot: OK.
Jordana Brewster: K. I found out what I needed to know.
[she goes HOME]

Grade on its own merit: B-
Grade as compared to book: D

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