Sight Unseen: Bride Wars

[it is AMERICA]
Anne Hathaway: I'm so glad we're best friends, even though I am occasionally in really good movies, and you're in this kind of schlock basically all the time.
Kate Hudson: I know, right? You were totally good in Rachel Getting Married.
Anne Hathaway: Thanks!
Kate Hudson: ...now you say, "Kate, you were totally good in Fool's Gold."
Anne Hathaway: I may be a top contender for an Oscar this year, Kate, but I'm not a good enough actress to say that convincingly.
Kate Hudson: Fine. Let's just get married and be each others' maids of honor, okay?
Candice Bergen: Your weddings accidentally got booked for the same day.
Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway: WHAT?!?!
Candice Bergen: There's a simple solution, though: one of you just needs to move your ceremony to a different place or date. I'm not actually sure how you got to this point without realizing they were on the same day, but whatever.
Kate Hudson: This means war, bitch.
Anne Hathaway: Oh, it's on.
[they have a series of ESCALATING PRANKS, involving HAIR DYE and other HILARIOUS things]
Anne Hathaway: Wait, we're best friends. Let's resolve this.
Kate Hudson: Okay.
[they HUG]


Belle Ecrivaine said...

I haven't seen this (and don't intend to) but I bet they solve this by having a double wedding.

Kate said...

I genuinely feel that the existance of this movie signals the beginning of the end of American culture.

Movie Maven said...

I was really hoping it would be a double wedding as well, but after I wrote this, I discovered that my mom and sisters saw it after attending the bridal show (my sister is getting married this summer) and sadly, double wedding is not the resolution they achieve.